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The process of joining a fraternity or sorority is called Recruitment or Membership Intake, it is also sometimes referred to as rush. The exact process varies from council to council. Once you join a sorority or fraternity chapter, you may begin a new member education process. 


Joining a sorority or fraternity requires making an educated decision about the organization of which you will be a life-long member. Please utilize chapter and national websites, as well as asking the following questions of chapter leaders and individual members:

  • What are the financial obligations for membership?

  • How will membership in this organization benefit you, personally and academically?

  • What leadership opportunities are available in this organization?

  • What community service activities does the chapter participate in?

  • Will you be required to live in the chapter house (if applicable) as a member?

  • What were some of the organization’s greatest accomplishments of the past year?

  • In what other organizations are the members involved? What leadership positions do they hold in other organizations?

  • What type of regular social activities does the chapter hold?

  • Does the chapter have a GPA requirement?

  • What is the recruitment/intake or new member education process like?

  • What is this organization looking for in an ideal member?


The fraternities and sororities that make up the National Pan-Hellenic Council participate in membership intake, a process that is unique to each chapter. Intake usually takes place once a year in either the spring or fall semester as determined by each chapter. Any individual who is interested in joining an NPHC organization MUST attend an NPHC workshop to be eligible for membership.

The intake process may include:

  • Application/Interview

  • Group activities

  • Study of group values/traditions

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